1. ds106radio

The class shows will be broadcast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7pm. I would like to do it at noon, but so far only three people indicated that they could be available. If we get a few more we may add a noon session. We will listen on ds106radio and discuss in Discord in the ds106radio channel. If the tech is cooperative and people are willing, I would like to get people on air to talk about their shows. Those may be big IFs. We would like at least one person from each group to be listening and on Discord when the group’s show is broadcast to answer questions about the show. Everyone should listen to at least one other group’s show and blog about the experience. Tag this post showlistening.

Monday 7PM: Ravioli Radio, Logic Pod
Tuesday 7PM: Pop Perceptive, Three Point Chatter
Wednesday 7PM: Digital Agencies, Aggressive Testimonials

2. Video

For weeks 11 and 12, we will expand on our video work, specifically looking at what we can do with manipulation. Some people were able to animate Dr. Oblivion a few weeks ago with the Wav2Lip script, and someone even got Frank to say a few words. Let’s experiment further. You can use that script on other videos. Some points to be aware of:

The video project for this and next week should have some sort of narrative involving the course theme of AI, your course character, Aggressive Technologies, Dr. Oblivion, or any combination thereof. As always, it is up to you to decide how to interpret this, and creativity is encouraged. You may choose to build off of ideas developed in your radio projects, or you may try something different. The project must incorporate editing, clips, audio, graphics and text or titles. It should have an opening and an ending.

The point here is to create a video narrative, and to push your boundaries by experimenting with a variety of video components and techniques. I am not specifying a time length because it can take hours of work to plan and produce a well-edited two-minute video, or it could take almost no work to point a camera at something for twenty minutes. If it’s something you want to show off to people and it gives you a lot to blog about, it is a good project.

You all have the option of working in groups on this project. All group members must blog about their work for the project. You can also work independently.

Due Friday, 4/5 by midnight:

Due Friday, 4/12 by midnight:

3. Daily Creates – Let’s do 3 each week.

4. Commenting – as usual.

5. Looking ahead

We have five weeks left in ds106. Here is our plan going forward.

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  1. I am curious on the differences between the way we both have been using the same program. Are the videos and audio files you upload on your google drive? Mine are not and I change the entire path to get it to work. I am just curious and would like to know more.

    1. I have the audio and video files saved on my hard drive. What do you change the path to? I thought the path name was specifying where the upload would go, so I only change the name portion.

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