3/15/24 – 3/29/24

For weeks 9 and 10 we will be working on producing long-form audio narratives, AKA radio shows. The shows will be broadcast on ds106radio the week after they are due.

Group Radio Show Guidelines

The radio show will be a group project. You will have two weeks to complete the project. These are the specifications:

As you found out during Intro to Audio week, audio editing is time consuming. Plan to be done early and you will probably be done on time.

Summary of Deadlines and Assignments for the next 2 class weeks

Due by Midnight 3/22 (Summarized, as usual, in a weekly post):

  1. Radio Show Progress:A blog post on your radio show process and progress. Tag this radioshowweek1
  2. Radio Show Design Project:A blog post for your radio show poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. Write this post just like you would an assignment post — with the same amount of detail we usually expect! Tag this radioshowpromo
  3. Commenting: Everyone needs to be reading/commenting on other students’ work.
  4. Audio Assignments:  Complete at least 2. You should use your audio assignments to develop content for your radio show (bumpers, commercials, intros/outros/transitions, etc.). We are assigning these this week so that you make progress on developing content for your shows! If you do random assignments just to make the quota you are wasting your time and efforts. Feel free to bend or create assignments to suit your needs.
  5. Daily Creates:Complete 3 TDCs this week.

Due by Midnight 3/29 (Summarized, as usual, in a weekly post):

  1. Completed radio show. Upload it to Soundcloud or Google Drive.

    Remember to check “Enable direct downloads” in Soundcloud so we can get your show on the air
  2. Radio Show Progress: Second blog post summarizing your radio show process and progress. Tag: radioshowweek2
  3. Commenting: The more, the better. It may be a challenge this week though.
  4. Daily Creates:Complete 2 TDCs this week.

Audio resources:

In addition to the Audio Resources page, here are a few additional items worth reviewing:

The UMW Digital Knowledge Center is available for tutorials for audio editing. You can schedule a tutorials for assignments and the radio show here: https://dkc.umw.edu/

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